The Solar Cocky's 10kW Tracker Wondiligong B&B Grenfell Click here to Stay The Solar Cocky in Main Street Grenfell 10kW Tracker
$5,688,000.00 per hectare return.
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Commercial businesses wanted so can slash bills.

Business Hours: 9am to 5pm 7 days.
Tim Wood
Solar Consultant and Sales - The ACT and South West NSW.
P: 02 6343 3218
M: 0428 027 654
E: thesolarcocky@bigpond.com
3.99kW System - Grenfell 2 x 5.7kW Trackers - Mike Chambers, Cowra
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The Solar Cocky's Jan - Feb - March 2011 Electricity Account
 Western Magazine NSW Carbon Cocky of the Year
Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival